1. The characteristics of EXTRUSION molding of PVC plastic prof

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        PVC is an amorphous material with flame retardant, good chemical stability and only low tensile crack force. It has been widely used in various fields for its excellent flammability, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, comprehensive mechanical properties, product transparency, electrical insulation and easy processing. So PVC plastic profile extrusion molding has what characteristics, we will understand it below.
        PVC plastic profile extrusion picture
        PVC profile extrusion molding features:
        1. Amorphous material, small moisture absorption, poor fluidity, in order to improve fluidity, to avoid the attack of bubbles, plastic can be boring in advance, mold pouring system should be thick and short, gate section should be large, no dead Angle, mold must be cooled, appearance chrome plating.
        2. It is easy to be differentiated. It is easy to be differentiated when touched with steel and copper at a temperature of 200 degrees.
        3. Choose screw injection machine nozzle, aperture should be large, in case of dead Angle stagnation material, not with inserts, such as inserts should be preheated.
        PVC is a kind of good construction materials, its main is having the function of mouldproof and moistureproof, which is the benefit of not bibulous, can cut off, will also be able to drill out, the main is having the benefit of bending, the bath cabinet, cabinets and furniture application is very broad, such as the above is the PVC plastic profile extrusion forming features, hope can help to everybody.